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MLR System GmbH für Materialfluss- und Logistiksysteme

Automated guided vehicle systems

The University Clinic Düsseldorf commissioned MLR System GmbH, Ludwigsburg, to supply two AGV transport systems comprising a total of 7 automated guided vehicles of type PHOENIX R-0,3 Mr. The magnetically guided automated forklift vehicles are designed to transport hospital containers weighing 250 kg, which are 1330 mm long, 720 mm wide and 1390 mm high. The vehicles carry the containers suspended on hooks below the forks.
One system with two vehicles will be used in the new pharmacy building for transporting drugs. Only one transfer level is provided. If necessary, the vehicles can deposit the container at any of 47 buffer stations.
The second system with five vehicles will be installed in the new Centre for Operative Medicine II (ZOM II). This centre is divided into four zones. Four vehicles transport containers between the electric overhead conveyor in the western part of the building and the vertical conveyors in the four zones. The fifth vehicle operates to and from the east wing, supplying the different zones with stock; it is also available for special transport missions. A floor-level conveyor is used in both systems to transfer the hospital containers from the overhead or vertical conveyors to the vehicles and vice versa. Tasking orders are sent from the main system control – responsible for the entire automated material transport system – to the MLR LogOS control system. The LogOS host computer handles communication with the zone controllers of the vertical conveyors, the floor-level conveyors, the fire gates, etc., and controls and coordinates the vehicles in both systems. Data exchange with the vehicles is via wireless broadband.
The first system in the new pharmacy building will go into operation in spring 2008, the second system in the ZOM II in spring 2009.