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Audiometers 2.0

Article published at La Vanguardia on May 06th, 2018.

Kiversal has received a R&D grant in the amount of 182,000 euros to develop an intelligent system with IoT medical devices in order to automate audiometry tests, in collaboration with the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) CREB (Biomedical Engineering Reserch Center). Stablished two years ago, the startup pursues the digital transformation of audiometers , which are used by medical centers to measure the capacity of a person’s auditory system (hearing).
"A precise diagnosis can be obtained with our first device, Audixi10, with Internet connectivity, which additionally features a new remotely instant metrological calibration that makes your audiometer be fully operational, without unplanned stops and downtime, reducing its maintenaince costs", explains José María Plana, Co-founder of Kiversal.
Kiversal - which plans to launch its first line of intelligent audiometers at the end of the year - is working to reach international distribution agreements.

The article can be found in original version (Spanish) in the attached pdf.

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