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Atlas™ – Pendant Solution for ITU / CCU

Brandon Medical’s new range of Atlas™ Medical Supply Pendants can offer up to a 50% space saving when used in an ITU or CCU setting. This can make working much easier for clinical teams in what is traditionally one of the most overcrowded and cramped areas of a hospital.

The unique Multi-Function Rack mounted on the front of the pendant removes the need for long and bulky service heads. These twin-tubes mounted on the front of the pendant hold all shelving and equipment brackets using a simple “clip-on” mounting mechanism which allows items to be added, moved or removed at a later date. This is particularly useful in an ITU or CCU where equipment needs are likely to change several times over a pendants lifetime.

The hexagonal shape of Atlas™’ service head provides further space savings, with the extra sides increasing the overall service area. This increased area is exploited to increase the total number of electrical, data and gas outlets available whilst maintaining a much smaller head size than traditional pendant models.

Docking trolleys can be used to move and share equipment quickly and easily. These trolleys are “docked” to a pendant, meaning they are close to all the power / data services they need, and can be quickly moved into or away from an ITU bed as need dictates.

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