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The Mediplus CT3000 is a non-invasive test that can identify male patients with an enlarged prostate (Bladder Outlet Obstruction) and accurately predict the outcome from prostate surgery.

The CT3000 uses a method similar to that for blood pressure measurement. A penile cuff is fitted to the patient who is then asked to void in the normal way. An estimate of isovolumetric bladder pressure (Pcuff.int) and a measurement of maximum flow rate (Qmax.cuff) are obtained and plotted on a nomogram to aid categorisation into obstructed, not obstructed, or “diagnosis uncertain” groups. Studies have shown that an 87% success rate in men classified as obstructed was similar to that achieved by invasive urodynamics in previous studies (79–93%).

The Centre For Evidence Based Purchasingin the United Kingdom awarded the CT3000 a ‘Significant Potential’ rating in their review of the product.

To view the video please do visit: www.mediplus.co.uk/CT3000