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Ascuro / adicare for best choice in baritric supplies

Ascuro Adicare No.1 in Bariatrics

We are the first European full range supplier of obesity products. In this capacity we help medical facilities to prepare themselves for the difficult task of treating obese patients. So those patients can also receive the appropriate and professional care they deserve while their caregivers are protected from overloading and resulting accidents. To achieve this goal a detailed planning process is required.

We distribute throughout Europe mobilization and everyday aids as well as furnishings customized for obese patients. Since our formation back in 2009 we help care and rehabilitation facilities as well as general and special clinics and university hospitals to equip (adjust) their facilities for obese patients. The practical experience we gained in those occasions allows us now to offer each facility viable and cost-effective solutions tailored to their special needs and budgets. The products of our brands adicare®, baricare® and SimplyBiG® bear witness to the high level of quality and competence we devoted ourselves to.

In the field of obesity care it is essential to base a purchasing decision on a cross-product and customized advice. One thing unconsidered and the new hospital bed stays stationed in the bed camp because it can only be used in special circumstances. The detailed knowledge required for selecting remedies and furnishings suitable for obese patients is often greatly underestimated.

Here at Ascuro we deal every day exclusively with the issue of obesity supplies and therefore know by heart the variety of equipment options available on the market. Many of our adicare® products can be combined with each other. Some items can even be customized inexpensively to your needs. This interplay of special know-how and tailored solutions allows us to propose each institution practical solutions.

Due to the fact that we work primarily with European partners and therefore only need to cover relatively short distances our customers often get their goods within a few days. Most of the 650 articles available are sipped off directly from our logistic centre in Constance by Lake Constance.

Every obese patient should be cared for with adequate and professional supplies. Moreover the hospital staff must be protected against the increased loads they are dealing with. Obese patients pose special demands on the equipment and logistics. Furthermore they require an increased effort and performance of the nursing staff. Treating obese patients, only electrically adjustable beds can be considered, since otherwise the nursing staff risks their own health.

A heavily obese patient has to be rolled over on his side since he can not turn around his axis. Therefore an adequate bed must not only have a safe working load of 400 kg, but also possess a minimum width of 120 cm. But the lying surface width required for this leads in many facilities to transport problems. Doors to patient rooms, elevators or function rooms are often not wide enough. The only solution: A bariatric bed with individual width adjustment.

Most purchasing decisions on furnishing and every day aids require considerations of similar complexity. It is only with the right equipment that it becomes even feasible running a hospital smoothly and without avoidable accidents when treating obese patients.

adicare® - the brand for innovative medical products
We often encountered problems that asked for new or improved concepts. As an answer we developed in cooperation with our partners unique products like the adicare® standing stool (German Pension Insurance), blood collection chairs (University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf), individually adjustable walkers and rollators (University Hospital Heidelberg), 400 kg Conti chairs (Knappschaftskrankenhaus Reckinghausen), our adicare® mattresses and much more. Our product innovations in the medical technology field are marketed under our brands adicare® or baricare®.

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The number of people with morbid obesity (BMI> 40) that need medical treatment has increased by 75% in the last years.(1) The WHO already declares obesity to be an epidemic and since the preponderance increases uncontrollably among children and adolescents, all forecasts for the future are bleak. (2) Although this is widely known fact most European health care systems are still not prepared to deal with the result this development. Many clinics are yet not ready to treat obese patients, neither in the area the emergency nor stationary care. But as numbers show, every clinic in Europe must expect to treat heavily obese patients in the near future.

The products of the brands adicare®, baricare® and SimplyBiG® you will find under

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