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Artefact free determination of perfusion pressue (ABI)

All over the world the number of patients with diabetes and of patients with arterial or venous diseases is increasing. All this patients run the risk of getting wounds which do not heal or where healing is prolonged. Finally this may lead to amputation.
Decisive for the wound healing is a sufficient perfusion pressure next to the wound. Usually a cuff is applied on the leg, which becomes more an more inflated. The reading of the cuff-pressure where the blood flow stops, is considered as an indirect reading for the perfusion pressure.
Many of these diabetes patients however suffer from plugs in the vessels (media sclerosis) which will cause incompressibility of the vessels from pressure from outside. So the measure of .. (ABI) gets wrong. Particular in diabetes patients Media Sclerosis is a problem and is causing errors, further because flow through collaterals is not registered by classical methods either.
The O2C (oxygen to see) is the first device allowing the determination of perfusion pressure, simply by taping a probe onto the extremity and define the perfusion pressure by a functional investigation.
The device applies only white light and laser light into the tissue, without any risk for the patient. This technique can also be applied in many other clinical disciplines, e.g. for the healing of wounds, monitoring of transplants, or for the patient monitoring in intensive care.

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