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Around the world in 35 hours – reliably cool without power supply

Long-term, temperature-controlled transport of sensitive medical products or organs for transplants is a challenging venture when power supply is unavailable. Using conventional methods, it is virtually impossible to guarantee reliable cooling throughout the logistic chain, especially when various means of transport are used, or when the goods are transported by air or rail. This is where mobile cooling specialist WAECO offers a viable alternative with its brand-new portable eutectic coolers.
Eutectic coolers incorporate a purpose-designed high-tech module: a special cold store that works without power supply. Not endlessly, yet up to impressive 35 hours – enough to transport precious freight right around the globe. The box (compressor cooler plus eutectic module) is simply pre-cooled on the 230-volt mains to reach the factory preset fixed temperature, no need for an extra refrigerator. The temperature is then reliably maintained throughout the journey, at ambient temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius. In other words, the system is virtually fool-proof, user errors are impossible.
The secret of the WAECO eutectic cooler lies between the casing and the inner container: a sophisticated storage medium (eutectic blend) which absorbs enormous amounts of energy as it changes from liquid to solid. The right blend ensures that precisely the desired factory preset fixed temperature is achieved. The rest is child’s play. Prior to transportation, the box is pre-cooled on the mains for 24 hours to achieve the preset temperature. Cooling then works without power supply. The precious freight is maintained reliably cool for up to 35 hours.
The eutectic module can be fitted to any of the larger compressor coolers of the WAECO CoolFreeze CF series. In addition to this high-tech cold store, WAECO offers a comprehensive range of further extra modules. These include a digital temperature display, a data logger for continuous, tamper-proof documentation of the temperature curve, a digital radio thermometer, and a mini-printer that can be directly attached to the temperature logger.

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