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Arazy Group Launches Unique, Cloud-based System to Accelerate Multi-National Registration of Medical Devices

The system will provide a much needed integrated platform for simultaneous registration in multiple markets in a cost and time efficient manner. The firm is presenting its new platform this November at Medica 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Arazy Group’s global, multi-disciplinary team has leveraged its sector knowledge and expertise to deliver a highly differentiated approach to the way regulatory approvals and sales license registration are obtained and serviced. Following extensive research and development efforts, a successful market run and operations in multiple countries with various devices for both start-ups and multinational corporations, a simpler and improved process for licensing medical devices is evident.

“Our intelligence-based, proprietary application builds a foundation for every client through a unique GlobaR® file. After the initial consultation, the management system builds a comprehensive compliance profile that automates a large part of future registrations. We eliminate the repetitive and time-consuming process and we do it through a system that builds upon previously supplied information to maximize efficiency and eliminate redundancy,” stated Juan Carlos Rovetta, COO of Arazy Group. "This dramatically decreases time-to-market while maximizing global growth potential in crucial developing markets. We have created our system to address long-term needs, including the ongoing maintenance of licenses and registration renewals."

“We are very proud to be the only company to introduce such an innovative product for the industry and its regulatory affairs professionals. All clients for which applications have been deployed through since early 2011 reported unprecedented results extending beyond the obvious improvement of the licensing process, cost, and time-to–market,” stated Benjamin Arazy, CEO and President of Arazy Group.“This process enables the manufacturer to maintain ownership of their licenses directly. This advantage allows the manufacturer to make important choices regarding their marketing activities and obtain market clearances in advance” Added Arazy.

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Arazy Group is a global, multifaceted regulatory affairs firm that provides medical device manufacturers of all types with innovative, client-specific solutions throughout the product life cycle, -- from early development to post-market activities. Arazy Group is constantly pursuing advanced solutions for the medical device industry and seeks to align its clients with the global economy and the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Please visit or for more information.