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Aquawallgym: Mobile Underwater Gym Machine

As the first mobile underwater gym machine, Aquawallgym™ is portable and easily adjustable (it takes less than 1 minute to fix to the side of the pool). You can apply it to any type of outdoor or indoor pool which has a water level of more than 1 m. It is extremely light and portable weighing only 3 kg!

Based on its natural three-dimension movements, Aquawallgym™ Training System satisfies everyone’s needs. Use it alone or in group trainings, regardless of age, sex, or physical condition, anyone can use Aquawallgym™.

Aquawallgym™ Training System can be applied on a wide scale within the fields of fitness, sport and rehabilitation. The training program can be varied between four different types of techniques depending on the depth of water and on the objective of the exercise.