Photo: Female cancer patient with bandana uses laptop


Topic of the Month April 2015

The informed patient - responsible or gullible?

Books, the internet, television, or rather listen to the neighbor's advice? Patients with an interest in medicine and medical technology can find reports, information and opinions quickly and everywhere, even without a physician. But which of this information is actually scientifically sound, high quality and useful and which is based on marketing, rumors and anecdotal evidence is a completely different story - one that both physicians and patients need to hear to the end before they talk about treatment. We look at patients who look for information by themselves and how they (and physicians) fare with this.


Patient information as an event – Interactive, in multimedia format, personal

He (or she) who seeks shall find. First of all online. But not all information in the internet is good and correct. This can even be harmful in health issues because websites cannot make up for a visit at the physician’s. Still, searching the internet can be the right starting point for patients. This is the case when different channels join to create a good contact to the doctor: multimedia, daily newspaper, presentations and one-to-one talk – many roads lead to the answer.