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Merivaara Corp.

Antibacterial furniture based on Finnish expertise improves hygiene

Hospital bed, machine washable, antibacterial coating

Hospital-acquired infections kill more people than car accidents every year. The HYGIENE solution comprises a series of antibacterial products for hospitals and health care centres to help reduce the amount of infectious bacteria and viruses that can be contracted from contact surfaces. Merivaara is introducing the HYGIENE concept with hospital beds that are machine washable and coated with antibacterial coating.

Annually, seven million people contract infections in hospitals and institutions worldwide. In Europe alone, 37,000 people die of these infections every year (WHO, 2011), which is more than the number of people killed in car accidents on European roads (Trafi 2012). The additional cost to public health care, due to extra hospital stays, amounts to EUR 7 billion (WHO, 2011).

“Combined with proper hand hygiene and cleaning, antibacterial solutions will radically reduce bacterial infections contracted from contact surfaces. By using antibacterial materials for the most frequently used and touched surfaces, bacteria content can be reduced by 80–100 per cent, and the amount of infections contracted through contact can be reduced by 40–60 per cent. As a result, a hospital with 500 beds will achieve savings of 2,600 patient days per year,” says Kari Soljamo, Ph.D., who took part in developing the HYGIENE technology.

Washable Carena complies with the strictest standards and hygienic criteria

Hospital beds are a high-risk source of infection in hospitals. Merivaara’s popular Carena bed has all the features required by healthcare professionals, both from the point of view of ergonomics and patient safety. Washable Carena complies with the strictest standards and hygienic criteria. The new model, including steel frame and electrical components, has been specifically designed for the demanding conditions imposed by machine washing. Additionally, its antibacterial coating reduces bacterial growth on the frame.

Additionally, the HYGIENE concept includes chairs and tables from Isku, as well as door handles from Abloy and touch-free faucet technology from Oras. All designed and made in Finland. See the HYGIENE patient bed on Merivaara’s stand at Medica H14E05.