Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction with a new adjustable fixation device

PULLUP® suspensory fixation device

PULLUP® is an adjustable juxtacortical fixation device providing strength, adaptability and reproducibility for ACL reconstructions. Designed to avoid pre-op planning of tunnel length and calculations during surgery, the system allows surgeons to adjust the fixation per-operatively and to lock the graft at the tunnel endstop. PULLUP® allows fast execution and confidence as few instruments are required while the titanium plate provides a particularly strong fixation.

Available in two models (PULLUP® for cortical tunnels with 4.5 mm of diameter and PULLUP® XL for cortical tunnels with 5 to 10 mm of diameter). The system is compatible with various techniques (Blind tunnel, Outside-Inside) and several types of grafts (soft tissue, quadrupled SemiTendinosis…). PULLUP® and PULLUP® XL have a unique size, which makes stock management even simpler for the OR team.

The PULLUP® system completes SBM’s line of products for ACL reconstruction with proximal, intermediary and distal fixation options. With well known osteoconductive interference screws (LIGAFIX®) and absorbable cross pins (TRANSLIG®), SBM provides a variety of solutions for surgeons to adapt their technique to the patients’ needs and objectives.

More details about PULLUP® on http://www.sbm-france.com/pullup