Announcing Qube Mini patient monitor optimized for transport -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Spacelabs Healthcare GmbH

Announcing Qube Mini patient monitor optimized for transport

High acuity monitor is designed to deliver an uninterrupted level vigilance when the patient is most vulnerable

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. — June 2017 — Spacelabs Healthcare proudly introduces Qube Mini, the newest addition to our portfolio of patient monitoring and information systems that support clinical decision-making and help improve patient care. With Qube Mini, caregivers can now transport patients throughout the hospital without compromising immediate access to critical patient data along the way.

Whether it’s a trip to surgery, the cath lab, radiology, the ED or ICU, patient transport is one of the most common activities in today’s hospital. Yet caregivers have typically relied on low-acuity devices during patient transport. With limited features and often no connectivity to the hospital network, these devices can result in a lower level of physiological monitoring, leaving patients and caregivers vulnerable if anything goes wrong. Qube Mini addresses this challenge with a fully-featured transport monitor that is easy to use, easy to see, and easy to attach to IV poles, gurneys, and wheelchairs.

With built in wireless connectivity, Qube Mini delivers comprehensive patient data to the caregiver, the Central Monitoring station, and the hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system throughout the patient journey. For continuity of care, Qube Mini offers the same user interface and parameters expected in high-acuity bedside monitors, including capnography to assess changes in carbon dioxide exhalation, which is often the first sign that a patient’s condition is deteriorating.

Unique among transport monitors, Qube Mini’s large screen size makes patient data easily readable during transport, from the bedside, or across the room. Clinicians testing Qube Mini have praised its ease of visibility, robust range of parameters, and transport-focused features. Qube Mini’s patent-pending design includes a Quick-Mount innovation allowing caregivers to easily attach and detach the monitor from gurneys and IV poles without the need for special clamps or accessories. The monitor even accommodates spot check temperature readings, a feature not available in many bedside monitors.

Compared to other transport monitors on the market, Qube Mini offers superior parameter capacity, battery life, connectivity, trends, ease of viewing critical data, and comprehensive patient data transfer. These features help to ensure seamless transport for patients, and peace of mind for caregivers along the way. Qube Mini demonstrates Spacelabs’ commitment to continuous innovation in healthcare technology for better clinical and economic outcomes.

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