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Anetic Aid QA4M Day Surgery Trolleys in use in main theatres

Both the manual and powered versions of Anetic Aid’s innovative QA4 Day Surgery Trolley have proved popular in many dedicated day surgery units across the UK.

But now the British-based company is finding that the manual version of the trolley – the QA4M – is increasingly being used in main theatres, where its combined functions of patient transport trolley and operating table are proving a major plus.

One of the hospitals utilising the QA4M in this way is the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston. Senior ODP Tim Balderstone said 17 of the trolleys are now in regular use at his Lincolnshire hospital: ’We don’t have a dedicated day surgery unit here, but we have day case operations in our main theatres. The QA4M has great advantages because of the minimal moving of patients – they go onto the trolley on the ward, they are anaesthetised on it, they have their procedure on it, are recovered and return to the ward on it. This minimal lifting and handling is good for the patient, and is also better for our staff.

‘Having started with day cases, we are now finding the advantages apply just as much for other cases where patients have a longer stay.’