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Anetic Aid: Expanding scope of the QA4

New accessories are adding to the scope of the QA4
New accessories are adding to the scope of the QA4 – in operating theatres, day treatment centres, and increasingly in community treatment centres and GP surgeries.

With both powered and manual versions available, this combination of patient transport trolley and operating table is a complete multi-purpose mobile operating system.

When it was first launched in 2005, it was an immediate success for general surgery, endoscopy, orthopaedics, urology, dental and ENT surgery.

The combination of removable lightweight head and leg sections, together with optional powered leg supports, also makes the QA4 an excellent system for gynaecology.

More recently, a specialist head section for ophthalmics has been introduced, offering movement in three different planes.

The latest innovation in the evolution of the QA4 is a shoulder arthroscopy attachment with removable panels, offering unprecedented surgical access. It has a gas-assisted back support which is fitted with a headpiece to secure the patient’s position on the table - thus protecting their airway.

All these are in addition to the regular accessories including arm tables, perineal instrument trays, lateral and pelvic supports (all of which can be neatly stored on Anetic Aid’s purpose-designed accessory trolley).

Said Sales Director Andrew Curtin:‘When the QA4 was first launched, we built in the factors that our customers told us were important – ‘C’ arm access, traversing patient platform, lateral tilt, increased weight limit and height capabilities etc. Through that continuing dialogue we hope to refine and develop the QA4 to expand its range and scope still further.’