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Anetic Aid Ltd.

Anetic Aid Equipment - From Concept to Commissioning...

Anetic Aid’s QA3 patient trolleys, QA4 day surgery systems and tourniquets are well known in hospitals all over over the world – but perhaps not so well known is that the company designs, develops and manufactures these products in the UK.

With over 100 years of engineering and industry experience, the company believes that design is about understanding the constantly changing needs of modern theatres, and about creating equipment which not only does the job, but which customers want and like to use.

And this is just the beginning: as well as functional and practical, Anetic Aid aims to make its equipment ergonomically sound and, where possible, aesthetically pleasing. It achieves this by listening to customers and working closely with them on the development of new equipment.

At its manufacturing base in Portsmouth – employees are expert in fabrication, welding, production and many other skills used in the manufacture and assembly of Anetic Aid’s key products. An apprentice programme ensures the company has a trained workforce both for today and the future.