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Anetic Aid’s Concept of Day Surgery film showing around the world

Anetic Aid’s Concept of Day Surgery film, following the ‘patient journey’ at a state-of-the-art dedicated day surgery unit in Liverpool is being viewed around the world.

Since its ‘premier’ at the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery Congress in Copenhagen in May, the film has been shown all over Europe – and now as far afield as South America, the USA and the Middle East.

Supported by the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS), Anetic Aid produced the film at the newly opened Day Surgery Unit in the Elective Care Centre at Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, in Liverpool. Using an actor to play the part of a patient, the film showed each step of the patient’s journey.

Taking the example of a hand operation, the ‘patient’ arrived on site and was directed to the Day Surgery Unit on the second floor where he reported into reception.

He was called through and taken into an interview room to confirm his details and make the final pre-op checks before being asked to change into a theatre gown.

After a short wait, he and a Day Surgery Nurse walked down to the anaesthetic room where the patient got onto the trolley; one of the key benefits of Day Surgery is that there is no requirement for staff to lift or transfer the patient between trolley and operating table.

Once the ‘patient’ was ‘anaesthetised’, monitoring equipment was also attached to the trolley and it was wheeled directly into theatre, where staff selected one of range of arm tables from the Anetic Aid accessory trolley to attach to the QA4 whilst other staff checked through the required instruments for the operation.

Obviously there was no actual procedure, but the film picked up the journey again to follow the patient through first and second stage recovery where he was able to get off the trolley himself and get dressed ready to leave the unit after being briefed on what to do if he had any concerns etc.

Manager of the Unit Penny Hipwell, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Andy Molloy, and Consultant Anaesthetist Bill Horton were also filmed talking about the benefits of day surgery from a patient, staff and Trust point of view and an introduction for the whole film was presented on camera by President of BADS, Consultant Anaesthetist Ian Smith.

The film footage was also used to make a patient orientation film for Aintree with additional sections showing members of staff explaining what happens in each area.

Manager of the unit, Penny Hipwell commented: ’It was very exciting to be on a film set for the day, and we were so proud to be able to show off our new unit. As well as the film, the day was an excellent ‘eam Building’ exercise for the staff’.

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