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Analyze Up to 400 Urine Test Strips per Hour_ URYXXON 500

Highly efficient urinalysis in the lab
The new Uryxxon 500 is able to reliably and safely analyze up to 400 urine test strips per hour and is the logical further development of our classic Uryxxon 300. The URYXXON® 500 impresses with intuitive user guidance and a modern touch screen, which makes navigating the clearly structured menus very easy. The high-precision optics provide accurate results anytime, irrespective of the subjectivity of visual colour interpretation. Additionally, the URYXXON® 500 is insensitive to the influences of peripheral light sources. Obviously, the URYXXON® 500 also features various interfaces for data transmission and connection to external devices. (PC, barcode scanner, etc…)
The new URYXXON® 500 makes laboratory urinalysis efficient, easy and safe.