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An incubator suitable for MRI scans

Interview with Nina Friedrich, Marketing Communications Manager, LMT Medical Systems GmbH

Every little thing can be a matter of life or death for premature babies. That is why the right diagnosis plays an extremely important role. This includes examining infants with an MRI scan. Until now, sliding premature babies into an MRI scanner without an incubator was only possible to a limited degree. Now this problem could be solved.


Photo: Smiling young woman with glasses and short blonde hair - Nina Friedrich; Copyright: LMT Medical Systems GmbH

Nina Friedrich; ©LMT Medical Systems GmbH

Photo: Open incubator with a simulator doll of a newborn inside; Copyright: LMT Medical Systems GmbH

It is important for a premature baby to remain within the atmosphere of the incubator or rather the neonatal incubator inside the neonatal intensive care unit. Thus, an MRI-compatible incubator is especially useful; ©LMT Medical Systems GmbH