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An Operating Light that Thinks With You

TruLight 5000 with Adaptive Light Control Plus: the illumina

Ditzingen / Düsseldorf (Germany) November 18, 2009 -
A surgical light that automatically adapts to the current situation – this kind of luxury is no longer just surgeon’s dream. With its TruLight 5000 series TRUMPF is bringing a matchless innovation to the market, one with the unique Adaptive Light Control Plus function that makes that adjustment possible.

“Particularly during complicated abdominal interventions surgeons reposition the light again and again. These movements cause an immediate change in light emission and that can be disadvantageous for the illumination of the operating area.” This is a fact that Product Manager Michael Bartesch of TRUMPF knows only too well. “To restore correct illumination strength, the light then has to be manually readjusted and refocused.” This is where the Adaptive Light Control Plus concept takes over.

At the beginning of the operation surgeons set their own ideal illumination strength. If the light’s position or direction is changed during the operation, a motion sensor registers this change. The distance to the incision will be recalculated and the illumination strength automatically readjusted. Adaptive Light Control Plus thus guarantees perfect lighting during the entire operation, without the surgeon or assistants having to readjust settings at the surgical lights.

The average working distance between the operating light and the incision is between 80 and 120 cm. Thanks to Adaptive Light Control Plus the TruLight 5000 can provide the maximum illumination strength possible, all across this range.