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An Injectat, that doesn't Cool Down - by AROPUR

The obvious is often forgotten. But C.D.W. Litterst has thought of it. The medical technician and his team have developed the heat retaining system INFUSOTEMP, which keeps injection fluid at a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. An injection fluid which never cools? The advantages for both the doctor and the patient are clear, says the entrepreneur: in this way the risk of micro circulatory problems and ischaemia often accompanying angiographies can be markedly reduced. A minimum of manual pressure is needed for the injection, the contrasting agent can be infused much faster, the vessel is filled faster and the depiction of the vessel is more detailed and the speed of the red corpuscles i.e. the capillary perfusion, the blood flow of the smallest blood vessels increase. Faster reaction time and better depiction result in cost savings. And above all: the patient’s quality of life improves, since pain associated with the infusion process, for example in the application of cytostatica is a thing of the past. The extension of inflow time to the vein represents great progress in the therapeutic application of infusions.

The temperature controlling system is suitable for all infusion solutions, for blood and blood plasma, contrast material, nutrient solution, rinsing solution and solutions for dialysis. It can be applied anywhere and uses only 30 Watt power. INFUSOTEMP is easily cleaned, can be disinfected, is extremely durable and has a long operational life span. Looking back on an implementation time of more than 35 years, Litterst assures that “there have been no reports of malfunction or failure”. While constantly being developed, the heat retaining system has been on the market since this time. Meanwhile, a certified device was developed which conforms to the highest technical safety requirements. The cuff is made of high grade silicon, the transparent bottle holder is almost unbreakable: possible hits and knocks are cushioned by the octagon shape. The material comes from specialized firms and the individual parts meet the rigorous norms of the aviation industry. Customers come from all corners of the globe, from Thailand to Tierra del Fuego, from Bolivia to Scandinavia.

The heat retaining system coming in a sac is in line with the trend “away from the gas bottle towards the sac”. “Sacs are more light weight and can be disposed of more easily”, says Litterst about the advantages of the new development. The bag which can hold sacs with a capacity of up to 1000 Milliliter is made of silicon strengthened by a glass fibre, just as the cuff. The bag has a hook for the infusion pole as well as a three point magnet clasp. Other fittings are not needed. INFUSOTEMP can be applied everywhere and functions within a temperature range of between minus 30° C and plus 37°C. Merely an electrical socket must be available to provide power for the cuff or the bag. The device is user friendly, handling is easy and regulation electronics maintain an even temperature: when the injection fluid falls beneath the required temperature of 37° C or when during the warming up phase the temperature has not been reached the green LED lights up at the connection point. In case of malfunction –which can almost certainly be excluded – the red light will light up. At a room temperature of 20°C, depending on the amount, the fluid needs between half an hour (250 milliliter) and one and a half hours (one liter) to reach the required temperature.
“There is nothing like it”, says Litterst, who has a world wide reputation as the only supplier of this kind of heat retaining system. Obviously, the obvious is often forgotten.

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