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AmCad BioMed Corporation: Revolutionizing Ultrasound Imaging and Application

The iSONO accessory is a smart handheld medical ultrasound device designed to help physicians performing ultrasound scan.

Image: Ultrasound device with monitor; Copyright: AmCad BioMed Corporation

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With conventional ultrasound scans, users have to constantly interrupt the scan process by removing the probe from the scanning position to apply more conductive gel on the probe for better sonographic quality. Also, while operating a probe on a patient, the user has to maintain the eyesight on the sonographic images displayed by the ultrasound system, located away from the patient. Such situation negatively affect the eye-hand coordination resulting in ineffective ultrasound scans.

The iSONO accessory cleverly puts together the gel supply, a monitoring display, the ultrasound controls and the probe in a handheld device. With the iSONO accessory, whenever needed, the ultrasound gel can be delivered onto the probe semi-automatically without interrupting the scan process. The integrated monitoring display on top of the scanning probe aligns the ultrasound imaging right at the same aiming direction of the scanned object. Moreover, when used in combination with the bracket and needle guide, the smartly designed device also facilitates user-friendly ultrasound guide invasive procedures and assists physicians to perform real-time aspiration and biopsy.

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