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AlwinPro Care - The invoicing software for ICT and entertainment services in healthcare

Perfect Service - Perfect Image

AlwinPro Care is the flexible and economical solution for billing the patients‘ entertainment in hospitals and health care establishments. With a simple, intuitive interface entering the patient into AlwinPro Care becomes a minor matter. Whether directly connected with the hospital information system (HIS) or controlled with the chip card: Mistakes are avoided and precious work time is conserved when using AlwinPro Care.

Effortless Billing

AlwinPro Care makes billing easy and comfortable – all data are processed by patient and according to data privacy protection regulations. Check-in, transfers and check-out are done with a click. In addition, your patients can find out their credit balance with the account balance announcement and, if necessary, lock their telephone and then also unlock it. This creates trust.

Invoices, cash reports and accounting journals can be freely formatted and adapted to match the company design. The invoice can be paid either at the end of the stay or, very comfortably, using the integrated prepaid functionality. The complications of yesterday are over.

What You Want, How You Want It

AlwinPro Care is your reliable helper in the background. Without any problems and without additional technical effort, the system adapts to the existing software environment. Internal rates can be flexibly stored in AlwinPro Care. Instruction manuals and general information are readily available to your patients at check-in. All forms and receipts look exactly the way you want them to. In addition, AlwinPro Care can also be used as a patient information system. Information such as room, floor and telephone number for a patient are available in the blick of an eye. This way you can remove the burden from your personnel. Quick, simple and without any problems.