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Altering the diversion of incident light with diffusers


Knight Optical offer a range of diffusers which include ground glass, anti-Newton glass, flashed opal and our all new range of PVC and acrylic plastic diffusers.

Our different diffuser types offer varying optical characteristics; diffusing light to different extents making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Anti-Newton glass diffusers are primarily used in photography and opal diffusers are often used in lighting design.

Alongside design and entertainment applications, diffusers are used in traditional imaging techniques and for the control of illumination in optical sensing and military instrumentation.

Plastic screen diffusers offer a cost effective diffuser solution with enhanced shaping capabilities while also giving better diffusion than ground glass. Applications typically include back projection screens within commercial electronics and consumer applications such as larger design and lighting systems.

Knight Optical (UK) Limited has been a global leader in the production and distribution of scientific optical components for 22 years. We are providers of optical solutions and optical components to worldwide companies within the scientific, defence, medical, pharmaceutical, opto-electronic industries.

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