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Health Enterprises, Inc.

All natural relief from nasal congestion

Health Enterprises, Inc., a leading provider of consumer healthcare products, developed the Neti Rinse™ saline nasal and sinus rinse kit as an easy-to-use alternative to neti pots.

The Neti Rinse™ provides a low pressure, high volume saline nasal rinse – to remove mucous, irritants, and debris from the nostrils and sinuses so that you can breathe again. The product features an antibacterial tip with fluted internal walls that produce a gentle swirl, and a syringe delivery system - which provides maximum control over the pressure and duration of the rinse.

“Low pressure, high volume nasal irrigation has been proven to help treat chronic nasal and sinus symptons ˡ”, commented Brendan Leonard, president of Health Enterprises, “our Neti Rinse™ provides a solution for Hay Fever and other allergy sufferers which improves their daily lives.”

The Neti Rinse™ provides all natural relief from nasal congestion, and is an easy-to-use alternative to neti pots and other sinus rinse kits on the market. Two retail versions are available - containing fifty (50) & ten (10) saline rinse packets, respectively.

Health Enterprises, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of branded and private label OTC consumer healthcare products sold in retailers across the globe. For more information about Health Enterprises and its complete product line, visit

ˡ “Nasal Saline for Chronic Sinonasal Symptons”, Melissa A. Pynnonen, MD; Shraddha S. Mukerji, MD; H. Myra Kim, ScD; Meredith E Adams, MD; Jeffrey E. Terrell, MD; Nov 2007.

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