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All-rounder for Optimal Visibility

The new LED-based surgical lights by Trumpf are light, lean and particularly handy. TruLight 5500 and 5300 are two compact models that extend the OR lighting product line of the Medical Technology Division of the TRUMPF Group. Energy efficiency and lightweight construction were the focus of the development work on these OR lights.

Efficient energy consumption
The larger of the two models, TruLight 5500, reaches 150,000 Lux with only 90 LEDs and the smaller TruLight 5300 achieves 120,000 Lux with 60 LEDs. And with the new LED technology, they both save a great deal of energy at only 65 and 60 Watts. This new technology also means the lights give off very little heat. In addition, a reduced surface area and the open shape ensure low-turbulence flow under climate control ceilings. Even at the basic configuration, the illumination cylinder is very homogeneous with a colour reproduction index of 95 for both models

Automatic light distribution
The lights are equipped with a completely new optical light system: “Adaptive Light Control” with a three-level light intensity regulator for different working heights above the surgical area. The distance between the homogeneous light cylinder and the light source may be adjusted using additional buttons on the control panel. Thus the surgeon has a broader application range and can adjust the lighting system to his/her individual preference before surgery begins.
Depending on the distance, the LED groups are always precisely supplied with more energy, which, thanks to the beam angle and the position of the LED groups in the housing, sheds the most light in the OR field. The colour temperature is 4500 Kelvin and the light intensity can be controlled in six steps between 30 and 100 percent. An additional endoscopy step reduces the light to five per cent: enough in order not to interfere in an endoscopy and yet to provide orientation in the room.

Easy handling
Thanks to handles that are lit up on both sides, a non-sterile OR assistant can easily find and move the light housing even if the room is fairly dark. The TruLight 5000, on the other hand, is positioned with a sterile grip in the centre of the light housing, operated by a keypad at the rim. The efficient features make TruLight 5000 a true lightweight, allowing easy positioning and adaptation to the given OR situation. Last but not least, the TruLight 5000 can also be quickly equipped for remote surgical viewing. Because the TruVidia camera solutions from TRUMPF can be integrated into the new lights as well as in the iLED models, the cameras can be used cost effectively in any OR situation.

Well-founded development
With its most recently developed OR light, TruLight 5000, TRUMPF has expanded the range of LED OR lights. The optical light system is the result of precise research and many years of experience. In 2005, TRUMPF was the first to introduce LED lights for the OR. Since then, the company has installed more than 6000 iLED lights worldwide. Competence, know-how and experience have influenced the choice of LED technology, lens geometry and arrangement of the LED elements in the body of the light. For it was only the optimal combination of LED, lens and alignment that created the target lighting conditions. The TruLight 5000 lights are a compact lighting solution that connects innovative LED technology for very good visibility conditions and efficient design together with simple operation and minimal energy consumption.