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Wincomm Corporation

All-in-one Computer for Reducing Infection Acquired in Hospitals

Hsinchu, Taiwan, August 2nd, 2010 – Wincomm medical grade computer WMP series has been well-known for its superior IP65 HMI(Human Machine Interface)design and anti-bacterial coating(the most common bacterial in hospital; see following pictures)on the whole unit for many medical applications. From time to time, Wincomm has been asked for more advanced design for reducing infection acquired in hospitals. Now, Wincomm is proudly announcing its newest seamless design of its medical grade all-in-one computer, especially for the applications of Operating Room and ICU of hospital.

How to reduce the infection in hospital further? Infection of bacteria is mainly caused by human contact. The patient can be protected by washing hands before being contacted, wiping any surfaces before they come into contact with skin, and keeping any cuts covered.

MRSA ( methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus ) is especially troublesome in hospitals, where patients with open wounds, invasive devices and weakened immune systems are at greater risk of infection than the general public. MRSA may progress substantially within 24–48 hours of initial topical symptoms. After 72 hours, MRSA can take hold in human tissues and eventually become resistant to treatment. The initial presentation of MRSA is small red bumps that resemble pimples, spider bites, or boils that may be accompanied by fever and occasionally rashes.

The concept of seamless design of Wincomm WMP-182 is to further prevent the bacteria infection by human contact. As we have known, in hospital, every 6-12 hours, depends on the requirement of medical operations, the medical equipment is required to be sterilized by alcohol in certain period of time. WMP-182 will significantly enhance the effect of sterilization by its seamless surface of the whole medical unit that will not allowed to have bacterial hidden in seam of bezel in medical grade computer or displays.