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Alberta companies at MEDICA 2014

Below is a short overview of the Alberta companies that you can meet at the Alberta booth at MEDICA 2014:


Calgary Scientific Inc. was founded in 2004 for the specific purpose of commercializing medical imaging research, developing finished products for clinical use and building the distribution channels and marketing capability to deliver these products to the global medical marketplace.

With our ResolutionMD product, Calgary Scientific has become recognized as the global technology leader in providing web and mobile access to medical imaging.

With the development of the PureWeb platform, Calgary Scientific has extended its reach to the broader IT application transformation market.



Clinisys EMR is a Canadian health informatics company involved in developing Electronic Medical Records systems, health data analytics solutions and medical devices. Clinisys operates out of its head office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with operations in Vancouver and Toronto and alliance partnerships in the U.S.



Innovative Trauma Care, Inc. (“iTraumaCare™”, “Innovative Trauma Care™” or the “Company”) is an early stage “first revenue” medical device company initially focused on developing and marketing point of injury solutions to address the common causes of preventable death in traumatic injury scenarios.

Founded and incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 2010, and with U.S. headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, Innovative Trauma Care’s initial product is the iTClamp™ Hemorrhage Control System, which addresses the number one cause of preventable death in trauma scenarios – uncontrolled bleeding.

The company is beginning to transform the field of emergency casualty care by developing, manufacturing and commercializing point-of-injury solutions to treat common causes of preventable death. The company’s initial goal is to capture a substantial share of the global market in this under-exploited area of pre-hospital trauma care.



Neurosurgery is a tough field. Barriers to innovation like IP protection, design, testing as well as the necessary regulatory requirements make it a challenge to effect positive change. Popular opinion, driven by journal articles and opinion leaders, governs procurement and clinical adoption. Outdated, antiquated tools dominate operating rooms and bedside tables around the globe.

Enter NeuroLogic. We're creating a pipeline from ideas to innovations in surgery, lowering the development lag time. Our goal is to constantly improve surgeries by building better technologies to help healthcare professionals do their jobs.

We believe that as the healthcare industry faces growing challenges and constraints, the status quo is no longer enough. The only way forward is to stay flexible by responding to the continually changing needs of surgeons, which is what NeuroLogic is all about.



True “Patient Centered Coordinated Care” requires resources across an entire health economy to be known and accessible in a way that matches patient needs to the best suited intervention across all care providers, while taking into account real-time capacity and optimal utilization.

Strata Health leverages web-based technology to enable bespoke requirements for local patient transitions covering all clinical pathways; enabling best-suited intervention to be identified and delivered through a comprehensive, transparent e-referral and patient hand-off process across all stakeholder organisations.

Strata Health is a global leader in patient flow. Originally from Canada, Strata Health is managing more than 12 million lives across Canada and now the UK. Strata Health was chosen alongside and in support of NHS Cumbria as one of three NHS England Exemplar sites in 2014 for rapid accelerated integration. Rapid deployment, rapid ROI.



Technology North Corporation (TN) is an Alberta-based information technology company incorporated in 1998, with a legacy in specialized IT consulting and application development. Our clients include the Government of Alberta and its agencies, the University of Alberta, and Alberta-based for profit and not-for-profit organizations. TN has successfully delivered on large IT projects, including a comprehensive process automation application to the oil and gas services industry. We have extensive experience working with Alberta Health and Wellness and Canadian Blood Services and thus understand the requirements of health care organizations.