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Aircraft disinfection

The Quick Air Jet Charter GmbH is a global aerospace company, the five Learjet 35, Learjet 36 and Learjet 55 for the international transport of injured or ill patients difficult to keep people ready. Since 1992, the airline appointed its partners fully, flying intensive care units are available. For its worldwide air ambulance missions, the aircraft will be booked by the four major German aid organizations and private companies. This lead consists of transporting patients with medical crews from their doctor, paramedic or nurse specialist usually carried as bed-to-bed transport. "Makes the often poor hygiene in hospitals abroad, it is necessary to assume that every patient there is a potential risk of infectious disease," said Philip Schneider, key account manager at Quick Air date made extensive scrubbing, wiping disinfection measures the aircraft cabin, just the cockpit with its many switches and buttons were hard to disinfect. After each use, the enclosed cab now three minutes with a dry mist of hydrogen peroxide VAH-listed and approved disinfectant in nebulized (H2O2 <2%). After a 30-minute contact time, the aircraft can be released and is ready for the next flight. "The broad spectrum of activity but also the process of obfuscation to achieve with the property that all surfaces makes for us, this method is particularly effective on the plane," Schneider explains the result. For use in aviation, it is especially important that the wet nebulization no precipitate forms, which would cause harmful interference to sensitive technology and lead to long-term corrosion of components. In addition to the aircraft is also the equipment room of the company, which monitors, ventilators, use of backpacks, etc. are kept, nebulized daily with disinfecting machine to perform a rapid and effective disinfection equipment.