Air Liquide Medical Systems

Air Liquide Medical Systems Launches Its New Transport Ventilator Monnal® T60

Monnal T60 was designed to meet the most demanding requests from medical staff. In critical field situations, medical staff requires high autonomy, performance and practical devices to ensure the continuity of care of children and adults needing respiratory assistance.

Extensive tests were conducted to demonstrate that Monnal T60 resists all severe conditions in aircrafts as well as ground transportation units.

The Monnal T60 solution includes a range of accessories to fasten the ventilator to places outside and inside the hospitals.

Monnal T60 is both light and compact, being the lightest transport ventilator on its market segment with a weight below 3.7 kg. Its autonomy of 5 hours is based on an interchangeable battery and a patented micro-blower.


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