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Affinity Medical Technologies

Affinity Medical is Now a Molex Company

Affinity's New Logo

Molex and Affinity complement each other with their unique strengths. Molex is best known for components, connectors and cables found inside of devices. Affinity, on the other hand, is known for designing and manufacturing cables and connectors used on the exterior of devices, such as patient cables.

Mary Phillipp, one of Affinity’s founders, stepped down as President and CEO, but will continue with the company on a consulting basis. Bob Frank, Affinity’s Director of Engineering and also a founder of the company, was promoted to General Manager.

“We are very excited about the expanded capabilities that we will have as a result of this acquisition,” said Bob. “Being part of Molex will bring additional resources and allow Affinity offer even more capabilities and services. But, I want to assure our OEM partners that providing the same level of service that they have come to rely on from Affinity is our highest priority”

While the company’s logo has changed, the name of the company has not changed. The address, phone numbers and email addresses are all unchanged. Affinity’s Quality Management System is in place and is unchanged. All certifications are also still valid.

It will be “business as usual” at Affinity. While ownership of the company has changed, the entire Affinity team you have learned to depend upon has not!