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Affinity Biologicals, Inc.

Affinity Biologicals Returns to MEDICA with New “CE-MARKED” Diagnostic Products

Factor Deficient Plasma

Hamilton, Ontario, Aug. 15, 2012 – Affinity Biologicals, Inc. a Canadian medical device manufacturer, will introduce their new line of CE-Marked Factor Deficient Plasma products and ELISA kits to European and other international markets at MEDICA 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany, November 14-17. At the yearly fair, Affinity will feature its recently approved line of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) factor deficient plasma products: VisuDep™-F Frozen Factor Deficient Plasmas.

“Laboratory technicians are switching to frozen diagnostic coagulation reagents including control and factor deficient plasmas here in North America,” says Greg Fullerton, marketing manager for Affinity Biologicals, Inc. “Simply put, frozen plasma products are less labour intensive, less erroneous, and less expensive. Now that our factor deficient plasmas are registered for diagnostic us in Europe, the best way to bring them to market is by exhibiting at MEDICA. Returning to the world's largest annual medical trade show, will definitely do this for us.”

Affinity Biologicals, Inc. is a primary manufacturer of products used worldwide in thrombosis and haemostasis research and medical diagnostics. Products include an extensive line of antibodies, conjugates, antibody pairs for immunoassay of human and animal analytes, the VisuLize™ line of complete ELISA kits, and a full line of human plasma products including affinity-depleted, factor-deficient plasmas (Factors II through XIII, PC, PS, ATIII), and the VisuCal™, VisuCon™, and VisuDep™ line of frozen diagnostic coagulation reagents (Calibrator Plasma, Control Plasmas and and Factor (II through XII) Deficient Plasma). Affinity services include protein purification, antibody production, assay development, custom manufacturing, custom lyophilisation, and proficiency testing materials.

Affinity's quality system is registered to ISO 13485(2003) and is USFDA QSR compliant and a registered medical device manufacturer with the American FDA, the Canadian Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) and the European Regulatory authorities (CE Mark).

We welcome the media, potential distributors and clients, as well as other visitors to the Affinity Biologicals, Inc., booth H14, Ontario Pavilion in Hall 3.

Contact: Mr. Greg Fullerton, Manager, Marketing & Sales 1+ 905-304-9896
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