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ACE Business Group International S.A.

Advantecnia Care System in the New Hospital of Salamanca

We are pleased to announce that the University Hospital of Salamanca, which is currently under building, will include Advantecnia's nurse call system. 

The successful tenderer for the building of this great project (joint venture headed by FCC) has relied on ACE Business Group International to supply  Advantecnia technology in the special facilities communications system patient nursing for more than 1.000 beds, which are both the hospitalization area and UCI Boxes.

This hospital is one of the most important hospitals in Spain and the most major in Castile and Leon. When it is finished, it will have more than 190.000 m2 of built and every service of hospitalization, surgery, emergency, laboratory, medical consultations and radiology, among others.

It is expected that the hospital will be ready in 2020; however, electrical installations and technological infrastrucute projects are already started.

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