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Advances in scar management

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Advances in Scar Management

Cybele Scagel is an innovative and unique solution for scar management with years of research on the pathology of scar formation and trials. This innovation is now widely used in scar management therapies by clinicians and is the market leader in Thailand.

Cybele Scagel, a combination of herbal extracts in gel preparation, has been scientifically proven to be helpful in the process of wound healing and is beneficial for the prevention and reduction of scar formation during the wound healing process.

Hypertrophic scarring following surgical procedures, traumatic accidents and especially burns is of great concern for patients and a challenging problem for clinicians. Many studies addressed these problems and many treatment methods have been developed and used. Patients who are prone to scar formation during wound healing should receive preventive treatment early.

Numerous clinical studies, experiences and case reports have been published on the efficacy of the proprietary formula in the prevention of scar formation and reduction of new immature scars with no side effects. Scientific papers are available from the International Wound Journal, African Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology and the Official Journal from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Application of Cybele Scagel is easy and non-invasive. This inexpensive treatment is definitely an indispensable tool in the management of scars.

Cybele Scagel Kids, specially developed for children, is also available for scar management, with additional benefits to tackle allergic reactions and post infammatory pigmentation from mosquito bites.

Cybele Scagel SPF30 is formulated for scar management with sun protection factor and is essential for the prevention of hyperpigmentation on the treatment area from exposure to sunlight.