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Adtec Europe Limited

Adtec obtains CE Mark for cold plasma medical device

Cold Plasma Medical Device

Adtec Europe Ltd is very pleased to announce CE medical device approval for our MicroPlaSter cold plasma technology and ISO13485 quality certification for the design and manufacture of cold plasma devices. Adtec Europe Ltd will be launching the product at the Medica exhibition in November (Hall 16 F24-8)

Adtec’s patented Cold Plasma technology used in the MicroPlaSter product is based on the generation of cold plasma using microwave technology in argon gas at atmospheric pressure. This technology was first developed by our parent company Adtec Plasma Technology Co., Ltd in Japan and further developed for clinical trials in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute in Garching, Germany. The MicroPlaSter has been used in clinical trials in Germany over a 7 year period.
The Main Benefits of MicroPlaSter Cold Plasma Treatment with the supporting evidence of the clinical trials are:
• Anti-microbial – kills the bacteria in infected wounds/infections/ulcers leading to shorter healing time (reduced hospital costs)

• Reduces pain – relief for the patients/ reduces need for pain medicine.

• Safe treatment – MicroPlaSter was used to treat more than 300 patients over a 7 year period with no side-effects reported.

• Physical action – microorganisms less likely to develop resistance. Can be considered as an alternative technology to antibiotics.
We would like to express our appreciation to the plasma medicine team led by Professor Morfill at the Max Planck Institute for doing the essential scientific research and for managing the clinical trials. We would also like to express our gratitude for the excellent work carried out by the medical teams at the Clinic of Dermatology in Schwabing hospital and the Clinic of Dermatology in University Hospital Regensburg.

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