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Adronic: V70-FSHD Medical Endoscope & PACS System

Researched and developed in collaboration with top medical center in Taiwan, this system can be applied to Otorhinolaryngology (i. e. ear, nose and throat), Gynecology, Urology, Neurosurgery, Tumor and Cancer cell examination.

Image: Wheeled monitor with a control unit; Copyright: Adronic


Featured with unique light source system, the customized camera head largely increased the sensitively of wavelengths detection which is beneficial to the identification of Tumor or Cancer cells. The camera control unit with adjustable parameters results in superior image quality with correct color and sharpness which are crucial for accurate diagnosis. In addition, this system can easily capture image and record video during operation. Equipped with standard DICOM 3.0 sofware, this product allows direct upload of data to the hospital PACS database. This high-tech and user-friendly function facilitate the integration and tracking of patient’s medical record.


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About Adronic

Formally established in 2007, Adronic is engaged in the design and fabrication of inspection instruments. By combining the unique, state of art and user-friendly design with excellent image quality, Adronic provides the user with time and money saving solution to clearly identify the source of problem. Our wide range of medical and industrial instruments can fulfill various special requirements and the need of customized services. As a quality focused endoscope manufacturer, Adronic is certified with ISO 9001/ 13485, GMP and owns over 20 different patents in Taiwan, China, the United States and Europe.