Adaptify: Flexible games to support physiotherapy and rehabilitation -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Adaptify: Flexible games to support physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Interview with Jan Smeddinck, Workgroup Digital Media, Center for Computing and Communication Technologies, TZI, University of Bremen

Personalized approaches in medicine are very popular. Treatment with customized therapies is intended to achieve better results and be less stressful on the patients. This could soon also be the case for physiotherapy and rehabilitation since every person is not just different - he also moves differently.


Photo: Jan Smeddinck

Jan Smeddinck; © Jan Smeddinck/ Frederic Pollmann

Photo: Older man and physical therapist during exercise

Older people can get excited about digital games, too. Developers of games for medical use need to reach out to the target audience somewhat more than developers of commerical games; ©Frederic Pollmann/ Universität Bremen, TZI

Photo: Collage from four pictures showing physiotherapy

The pictures show an employee of a mobile social service and care provider who is also project partner at Adaptify. She demonstrates early concepts of the devices developed by Adaptify with the help of an older couple; © Frederic Pollmann/Universität Bremen, TZI