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Acem Medical Company

ACEM Medical Company, a division of ACEM S.p.A., is an Italian company specialized in designing, manufacturing and trading of state of the heart medical x-ray units and LED surgical lamps for surgeries and operating rooms.

The STARLED series of our medical lamps already known at national and international level is based on the sophisticated LED technology, that is the feather in ACEM Medical Company.

The heart of the structure is represented by the R&D department coordinated by competent and very experienced technicians and engineers in medical design, hardware and software.

During the phase of research the team pays particular attention to the patient care offering the best working conditions to the hospital doctor équipe and creating more and more innovative solutions to improve the surgical environment.

The R&D department is provided with high-tech programmes and a sophisticated laboratory to test every single unit to ensure the compliance with the quality and safety standards.

All ACEM products are carefully studied to obtain an optimum result to meet the requirements of its customers and are supplied already assembled and tested to give a higher reliability and to save in terms of on-site installation.

ACEM Medical Company operates at national and international level through a widespread sales network with the support of representatives and dealers in contact with the commercial offices of the seat constantly.
On-line support and on-site service are guaranteed by specialized and qualified personnel and technicians. Besides, ACEM arranges some training courses to provide dealers and technicians with all the necessary information to operate at best.