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A new standard of working in the laboratory

ONTROLLER ON HPL (High Performance Line) for all KW equipment : BLUELINE , GREENLINE , BLOODLINE

i-KW CONTROLLER ON HPL (High Performance Line) for all KW equipment : BLUELINE , GREENLINE , BLOODLINE
KW is always very innovative and attempt to the news from informatics and electronics and from thermodynamics.
KW introduces a controller with technology based on micro processor ARM9, the same processor used in smart phones. It works with operative system Linux, and it’s a true on board computer. The new controller has a video- graphic interface, done with a touch screen TFT display. KW slogan is : let’s put an iPhone on our apparatus ! This controller, not only is equipped with a powerful processor, with much capacity of memory RAM than the previous models, it has an user interface so direct that anyone will find it really user-friendly.
Connectivity, traceability, total safety and energy saving
Warranting the maximum connectivity and traceability, the new controller is able to satisfy the requirements (GMP) of the pharmaceutical industry and health laboratories, completely.
The ultra low temperature freezers, the incubators, the test chambers HPL, equipped with smart controller i- KW, have the possibility of a full connectivity with the laboratory main system, by many standard devices: slot USB, slot SIM, Wi-Fi, Ethernet wired, RS485 port with ModBus protocol .
Its standard are compliant with Directive 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC.

Above all, the Wi-Fi connection, will make the HPL equipment visible in the LAN of the hospital or of the industrial laboratory. On top of that, through a simple fingering of the IP address, from browser , from a position with access point, everywhere, will allow the transmission of all the information about the status of the equipment or of the critical events . The controller warrants also a full traceability, because the system, continuously, records the significant data , bar codes, RFID codes or other forms of coding, combining the items with the freezing or cry preservation process, or the thermostatting process, or the thawing process, etc.
The user will be able to transfer the data to PC and/or to LAN, without problems, having standard in compliance with Windows.
HPL system has been designed to guarantee also an integrated safety about all the functions, through the regulation and the management of the refrigeration powers. The data recording happens in compliance with the most evolved standards, like GMP, JACIE, FACT, etc. Recorder T and events (alarms, faults, thermal cycles, door openings, etc. etc.) for bags, biological samples, drugs, etc. marked with a barcode or a RFID tag.

With HPL System, KW is introducing a new recorder for various applications:
- For plasma bags in a freezer for rapid plasma
- For plasma bags in a freezer for storage plasma
- For a generic vials in the biological refrigerator and/or freezer
- For drugs blister in a refrigerator or freezer for drugs
- For generic samples for incubation and for growth of micro organisms
This enables an automatic / semi-automatic stocking the material inside the fridge / freezers and / or incubators / thermostats KW;
for access to the storage compartment controlled by the user
for management and safe handling of stored products with different levels of password as required by the GMP, with compatibility with transponder readers, badge, etc. for control of stored products (T - time, alarms, codes, everything associated)
to trace the inputs / outputs of these products from the storage compartment
to alert any expiration in reference to a data base that uses barcodes or RFID tag
to send alarms remotely via mail, via the Web, via sms, via wifi
to transfer the data in the hospital network and / or of the generic laboratory, even pharmaceutical, and thus communicate with the management system of the user, to transfer data in the cloud (with possible design of a specific app) to communicate and integrate with touch screen controllers of KW

The supervision system KW SPY, is a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) capable of monitoring equipment, Biological Laboratories.
KW SPY, certified as a medical device Class IIa. Is a modular system consisting of:
- The Wi-Log modules ( Data Logger with built-in memory ) that control field devices via PT1000
probes . The Wi -Log can be to a probe (Wi -Log P1) for detecting a temperature , or to two
probes (Wi -Log P2 ) for the detection of two temperatures;
- The PC (connected to the intranet of the structure) using the software KW maintains a
database and performs the function of web server.
Thanks to the system KW SPY it is possible to monitor in real time the status of all the
controlled equipment. The plants of the laboratories are shown with synoptic reports,
to scale. It is possible to interact with the maps using the appropriate menu.

Among the main features :
• Real-time display of the alarms detected
• Real-time display of temperatures.
• Storage of measured values with a frequency set
by the operator
• Storage of events and alarms
• Reconstruction of the data in graphical and
tabular form , exportable in excel format
• Submission of reports alarms via telephone dialer
S140 in voice form and / or SMS on GSM network
• inspection by intranet and / or Internet via eagle.
viewer .
• Ability to make an "inspection" by operators
with periodic releases that the check of the entire system .
• Ability to change the alarm thresholds can be local or remote (on as Administrator)
• Ability to create reports and store data that conforms to 21 CFR Part 11
• Multilingual Support
The system is based on a powerful DBMS via which it is possible to reconstruct in tabular or graphical
form the trend of the recorded quantities. Similarly, in the database are stored alarms occurring in the
plant with date-time - event activation and restoration of the normal condition.
The system is used by multiple operators connected in a local network ( intranet ) or remote ( internet).
Thanks to the Internet, skilled technicians are able to provide immediate support in case of anomalies.
The software is KW SPY CE0051 certificate , in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC, Annex II, defined in Class IIa according to Annex IX, Rule 2 .