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A Systematic Overview: Security and Facility Technology Management

A great variety of systems are used in hospitals, even in different buildings of the same hospital. Users and administrators are even greater in number. Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions has developed a security management system which pools all different existing systems. Incorrect operation is avoided and synergies are exploited.

Security systems (such as fire detection systems, access control), facility control (e.g. air conditioning, lifts), and telecommunication systems have to be monitored and operated. Maintaining each system individually creates a lot of work and has the inherent risk that in case of emergency incorrect or insufficient measures are taken.

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions security management merges security and facility systems into one simple user-interface. Systems provided by different manufacturers can be integrated. All events in the systems can be displayed on two screens. Visuals and catalogues of defined measures help those involved to take the right action in case there are malfunctions or alarms. Malfunctions can be corrected immediately.

If the nurse call system ZETTLER® Medicall®800 is integrated into the security management of the institution there are a number of cost-saving access possibilities to other systems. A Medicall® 800 screen at the nurse’s terminal shows video pictures of intensive care patients. Nurses can see which areas are being lit, what is happening at locks, they can react to fire alerts, make announcements and much more, depending on the systems integrated into the security management system.

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions designs, installs and services fire detection, protection and suppression systems, integrated access control and CCTV surveillance systems and other integrated solutions. With over €1.8 billion in annual sales and more than 6,800 employees, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provides these leading products and solutions to the Oil & Gas, Marine, Traffic & Transportation, Commercial, Education, Healthcare and many other industries.

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