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Mediplus Limited

A Safer and Easier Way to Monitor Patients in Recovery

The new Capnomask® from Mediplus is a medium concentration mask for oxygen delivery and side-stream CO2 monitoring.

The front dual connector on the Capnomask® facilitates connection of oxygen and monitoring lines at the optimal location. The end tidal CO2 measured is therefore much more accurate and the capnogram, easier to read. Another benefit is the absence of a cannula – usually connected to the monitoring line and inserted through the mask. The dual connector makes Capnomask® very easy to use.

In addition, the high quality Capnomask® greatly minimises leakage of oxygen and expired CO2.

The final touch and probably the most interesting is the vanilla scent impregnated into the mask during production. It has been observed that vanilla scent decreases patient discomfort and anxiety.

The Capnomask® is supplied with an oxygen line and a monitoring line, and is designed for single-use.