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A Reliable Partner

TRUMPF as a partner

In the operating theater human health is of prime importance – and in the extreme case it can become a matter of preserving human life. Nothing may ever get in the way, every piece of equipment has to function properly. What’s necessary, in addition to a thoroughly trained and alert surgical team, is the right technology. But just installing sophisticated equipment isn’t the end of the line – it also has to be properly maintained and the surgical team has to receive complete and perfect support. “We want to help improve procedures in hospitals and better the ergonomics of the working environment. In the final analysis, that’s to the patients’ benefit,” says Dr. Kordt Griepenkerl, General Manager at TRUMPF Medical Systems. In order to live up to this aim, TRUMPF not only offers innovative technologies but augments them with an extensive range of services covering the product’s entire life cycle. Customized services ensure safety, reliability and economy.

All this begins with comprehensive consulting in advance of any decisions. “Interested parties can see our products not only at trade fairs but also in our demonstration showrooms all around the world, with opportunities for hands-on testing,” Griepenkerl explains. “What’s more, we maintain contact with hospitals willing to show equipment to visitors. In this way decision makers can see a convincing live demonstration of our products in real-world use.” If need be, TRUMPF can even arrange for a trial installation in the user’s own hospital.
But before we get that far, the operating setting has to be assessed. Where are the units best located to provide an ideal workplace for the surgeon? Where might there be collisions? What are the working procedures? The TRUMPF consultants and hospital administration explore such questions. Together they work out the best individual solution. The TRUMPF expert, together with the architect and the user, prepares a scale image, in two or three dimensions, using the TruTops layout planning software. The room’s features, such as doors, windows and even laminar flow ceilings, can be inserted in just seconds. Then all the TRUMPF products, like surgical lamps, operating tables, ceiling pendants and utensil carts are added. TRUMPF is continuously expanding the software library used to visualize objects. Thus, for instance, C-arms, anesthesia units, laparoscopy accessories and monitors can now be depicted. The software can show every object from any viewpoint. It can be placed, shifted, moved and rotated as desired – until the best location and configuration within the room has been found. Customers can “walk into” their own personalized operating rooms in a virtual image and verify that everything is just as they had imagined.

Once a purchasing decision has been reached, the customer automatically comes up against the question of financing. Here TRUMPF offers customized financing and leasing options, giving hospitals greater investment leeway. Products can be leased for a limited period of time and then purchased or changed out against a different unit. Thus hospitals need not commit to a specific product for many years. Instead, they can keep pace with technical developments and while optimizing liquidity. Transparency in regard to costs and reliability in budgeting are enhanced, since the expenditures and the returns from the investment are simultaneous.

Product installation and commissioning have to progress absolutely smoothly, avoiding interruptions in ongoing surgical department activities. That is, of course, a challenge both for the medical technology specialists at TRUMPF and for the surgical staff. Well-trained technicians are thus on board to take care of the products, and support the customer, from the very outset. “There is no ‘one size fits all’. Conditions differ at each installation site. That is why customer training is adapted to suit local needs, familiarizing users with each product individually,” explains Christian Tebel, Professional Services manager at TRUMPF.

The service contracts offered by TRUMPF Medical Systems are equally flexible. Varying services packages accommodate the specific concepts and expectations of the hospital staff. In addition to meticulous inspections, regular maintenance ensures reliable product functioning over many years. A worldwide network ensures the quickest possible technical service. And spare parts can be on site just as quickly and reliably. A properly maintained product will not usually need to be repaired, making the “out of order” sign obsolete.
“We see ourselves as partners for our customers. And that over the entire life of the product,” says Griepenkerl. “This is also true for our own suppliers and for the companies with which we cooperate when devising and creating the ideal solutions.”