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A New Instrument for Luminescence Immunoassay

Berthold Technologies introduces a new plate luminometer for Luminescence immunoassay.

As an increasing number of Clinical Laboratories are switching from traditional RIA and ELISA methods to luminescence assays (LIA) Berthold has introduced a second plate luminometer specifically for this application.

The CentroLIA is already established as an excellent instrument for the measurement of LIA kits in the Clinical Laboratory offering full immunoassay data reduction without the need for a PC. The simple intuitive software dialog allows the user to be up and running within minutes and provides full graphic curve printouts for all types of LIA.

As the price per test of the LIA kits becomes more and more attractive compared to the ELISA as-says and the benefits of increased sensitivity, wider dynamic range and shorter incubation times the demand for dedicated clinical instruments is increasing.

To complement the CentroLIA Berthold has introduced the CentroLIApc LB 962 which offers a PC driven instrument with an extremely intuitive software dedicated to the Clinical Laboratory. Berthold has taken great care to provide a software that is easy to set up for each assay kit. OEM customers can request instruments to be shipped with all the kit parameter pre defined in the factory.

The CentroLIApc also addresses the need for more competitive pricing where the price per test is the all important feature. The quality and performance is of course of the highest order in line with the enviable reputation of Berthold. The instrument is primarily aimed at the OEM market with the LIA kit companies and Berthold welcomes enquiries from any interested kit manufacturers.