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A New App: ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide

ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide: new app for iOS and Android

The ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide is now available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store and the Android Market. This app from Mainz-based ORGENTEC Diagnostika GmbH makes it possible to call up information about autoimmune diseases easily and comfortably from a smartphone or tablet – precisely, compactly, and without extensive searching.

The ORGENTEC app offers comprehensive information about the diagnosis and monitoring of autoimmune diseases by means of antibody detection. This new app allows the user to research the symptoms of autoimmune diseases, look up medical terminology from the fields of autoimmunity and immunology, or quickly and efficiently obtain an overview of the relevant autoantibody tests. All with a minimum of clicks and no extensive Internet searches.

The texts about the various autoantibodies typical of the diseases provide detailed information about using antibody detection for diagnostics, prognosis, and monitoring of the individual autoimmune diseases. Links provide access to videos and training films that clearly demonstrate the correct use of ELISA and immunoblot test systems, as well as the rheumachec® rapid test. Comprehensive contact information allows the user to send questions to the GRÜNER CLUB AUTOIMMUN community or experts at ORGENTEC directly from within the app.

All posts from the ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Blog can also be accessed and read with the app, which also allows the user to leave comments. It is also possible to search for required test systems from the selection of products available from ORGENTEC.

The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, as well as with smartphones and tablets that use the Android operating system. The ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide is in English, its download and installation are free of charge. – www.orgentec.com