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A New AER By Soluscope

We are proud to announce the launch of the rapid, reliable and efficient Serie 4, the new Automated Endoscope Reprocessor by Soluscope.

The Serie 4 can perform a complete reprocessing cycle in 16 minutes, making it the fastest machine in its market segment. With its HMI touch screen, this innovative machine offers an intuitive access to cycles and tracking data. Integrated air and water filters, chemistry drawer and full & automated traceability provide a complete reprocessor with a very small footprint.
The Serie 4 offers cutting edge technology. A unique & patented dual wash technique and new chemistry formula have been developed to improve efficacy and reduce chemical and water consumption for lower cycle costs. This AER also incorporates a specific & patented Individual Channel Control system for added Safety for the patient, whilst designed to fully protect the user and the endoscope.
The Serie 4 is ISO15883-1/4 compliant.

This new generation of AER brings a new dimension to the Complete Solution that provides everything you will need for the highest quality endoscope hygiene.