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Won Industry Co.

A Leading Manufacturer of Medical Devices

Won Industry Co. is a leading manufacturer of Compressible Limb Therapy Systems (Morning Life & Lead-Care), Elastic Bandage Net (Surginet), and Illuminated Multi Magnifier (Circle-Scope), and Disk belt. To be recognized as one of the top products in the world, we are following the strict quality control standards required from Europe and Japan as well as USA.

We have been expanding our markets throughout the world and especially known for the matchless weaving technology of elastic bandage net, Surginet, It has been quality controlled and imported by Japanese company, Sigmax Corp. over last fifteen years.
We are also cooperating with many companies throughout the world to vitalize OEM deal.

Our mission is dedicated to increasing the quality and efficiency of the products for the patient care. Our company will do our best to become a world leader by making a constant effort to develop more effective medical devices and to upgrade them to meet the higher demands from our customers.