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German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) e. V.

A Hidden Champion is 60

Michael Koller on the occasion of the 60 year celebration on 27th May 2014

MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH, long-established in Munich, has developed to be the market leader in the field of sterile processing in the health care sector over the last 60 years.

With more than 1000 employees, a yearly turnover of 120 Mio €, several production sites in Germany and the Czech Republic as well as sales and service subsidiaries in many European countries and beyond, MMM Group is specialized in the supply of integrated system solutions for the central sterile supply departments (CSSD) in hospitals.

Integrated system solutions – meaning in this context, that the complete project - ranging from the planning phase (be it a new construction, a rebuilding or a a replacement purchase) of a CSSD to the full equipment with all machines such as washer-disinfectors, sterilizers, tracing and tracking software, process validation and an after-sales service over the whole life-cycle of each product - are supplied by one: MMM. At the same time, MMM makes sure, that all processes in a CSSD are synchronized. Only when it comes to hygienic problems, patients become aware of the meaning of quality-approved processes in a CSSD. Products and services of MMM all serve the prevention and the control of infections.

A second, significant business sector of MMM is Life Science. Sterility is of utmost importance in research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry, as the working environment must be strictly separated from the environment outside. Either the test conditions must be highly sterile and protected from the outside or the test material itself could be a hazard to the environment. The same applies to the pharmaceutical industry, where hygienic requirements are very strict such as for example in the production of drugs and other pharmaceutical products. Life science is a promising business for MMM group in future.

MMM is more than just a supplier of equipment. Rather it intends to be a partner to their customers. The latter are mostly hospitals and clinics, publicly and privately owned. The know-how of 60 years of experience in sterile processing is available to institutions of the health care sector. A high quality after-sales service with service products that cover the full range of services needed in CSSD as well as the MMM academy are important pillars of MMM’s customer service.

Preparing medical products alone is no longer sufficient. The entire process - involving all individual stages - must be documented according to legal regulations and work flows must be efficient and cost-effective. MMM supports their customers with their products and services in observing legal standards and regulations with regards to the correct reprocessing of medical devices. Making use of MMM process documentation systems, customers are able to give evidence of their correct processing at any time.

The family-run business was founded by Johann Koller on 21.05.1954. The former mechanical shop was active in the repair service of operating theatre tables, sterilizers and other medical equipment. Today, MMM is an internationl group of companies with a full range of products and services for sterile processing in health care, research and the industry.

As early as in the 1950ies and 60ies, MMM recognized the benefits of not selling through medical dealers but using their own field sales staff and customer service. This sales strategy ensured direct contact with the users and their requirements for modern medical devices .

For 50 years now, the main production factory is located in Stadlern, Upper Palatinate. Founder Johann Koller decided to build a factory at his home town. He thus not only created jobs in an area adjacent to the Iron Curtain, but also apprenticeship training positions, which at all times ensured the supply of skilled workers. Thanks to his social commitment, Johann Koller received the Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1972.

Despite the strong ties to the Bavarian home, MMM is an international group of companies today. The MMM Group's current development points the way ahead for the future: think internationally and grow internationally. The export share of 60 % in 2013 has set the course and the challenges for the coming generations, employees and partners: the MMM Group is going global.