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A Compact and Stylish Addition to the AP1300 Range

The new Ap1310-DC portable mini-printer is designed and approved to be powered continuously from a Vehicle battery, or any DC power source in the range 9 to 36V. The user can configure the peak current consumption, and the built in converter boasts an efficiency of up to 94% making the printer a perfect match for low power battery application. External shutdown is possible under user control to further conserve power.
The Ap1310-DC is both compact and light - the total weight including cabling and a full roll of paper is only 340g, meaning the printer is very simple to mount in your chosen application. To help mount the printers we offer a range of bracket solutions ranging from suction mounts to cart/trolley clamp mounts.
As it is powered directly from the vehicle’s battery, the AP1310-DC allows the user to quickly and easily print off receipts or data. The power and data connections exit the printer on a single cable - ideal for integration into in-vehicle wiring looms or alternatively add connector's of your choice.
Typical applications include taxi receipt printing, delivery notes, temperature recording in food transportation etc

The AP1310-DC has been subject to rigorous, external testing and as

a result carries the CE and e-mark approval and is fully protected against the high-energy surges typically found in consumer and industrial vehicles.
Other specification points.
• Unique SINGLE-handed easy paper-load system – no other printer is easier!
• Integral DC:DC converter for 12V and 24V automotive applications. Cont’d
• Utilises a high speed and high quality fixed head thermal mechanism with superb quality text and graphics. User definable custom fonts.
• Capable of printing on Linerless labels.
• Strong case design that won’t stress the lid hinge.
• Miniature size - yet takes up to 38m long paper roll.