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A/B Flu Panel Test

A new combo rapid test discriminates between A and B flu types.
CE certified for professional use.
It is offered in a kit format or in " all for one test" easy to use plastic envelope.

Technical specifications:

CutOff Sensitivity

Flu-A Texas 1/77-H3N2 Embryonated chicken eggs 20ng/ml
New Jersey/8/76/H1N1 Embryonated chicken eggs 100ng/ml
Flu-B Strain, HongKong 5/72 MDCK Cells 20ng/ml


This test is compared against RT-PCR for it’s relative sensitivity and specificity: The RT-PCR relative Sensitivity/Specificity of Influenza A/B panel test is 84.4%/94.7% for A strains and 84.3%/95.5% for B strains.
When limiting the positives to symptomatic subjects, the RT-PCR relative sensitivity/specificity rate improves to 94.2%/97.2% for Flu-A and 90%/97.7% for Flu-B.