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ATMOS MedizinTechnik founds the ATMOS Academy

The manufacturer of suction, pressure and hot air equipment recently founded the ATMOS Academy at its main site in Lenzkirch. Daily practice is ridden with hidden stumbling blocks associated with the use of new diagnosis and therapy methods. The aim is to eradicate these problems using further training measures.

The aim of the Academy is to host the best possible education and further training events together with internationally recognised medical specialists and experts from ATMOS. A large range of intensive training opportunities for different groups of people are now on offer worldwide for all business fields and applications.

ATMOS provides further training events for larynx diagnostics, stroboscopy and phonetogram measurement in ENT medicine; operating using radio surgery and aspiration of the airways in the business field of nursing.

ATMOS is hosting several certified further training events in Germany under academic guidance. Applications for the training points are made to the respective regional General Medical Council. Further medical training is no longer just something to be taken for granted but also recently became compulsory. These events have therefore been received with enthusiasm.

Another major aim is to facilitate exchange between international specialists. This aim can only be achieved by way of creativity, flexibility and competence.

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